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Look Closer

I look around our yard and see all of the green. Spring and summer are my favorite times of the year. I love the gentle breeze, the tinkling of the wind chimes, the bird as they sing songs of renewal; the soft wrestling of the new leaves in the trees as a fresh wind blows through. I adore my time in the morning off my deck. Lately I have been restless and unsettled about things and have spent a great amount of time seeking God for answers, direction and strategy.

This morning I sit quietly sipping coffee on my grandmother’s old glider as cardinals, finches and dove take turns at the feeder. I listen to the bickering of the squirrels in the large old cottonwood. The cottonwood groans and creaks as its massive limbs sway in the wind. I hear the soft lowing of cattle in the pasture beyond our backyard. Far off in the distant I can even hear cars and and occasional truck on the highway as they make their morning commute.

Taking it all in I breathe deeply and feel muscles relax, as my eyes explore all that He has created. Quietly He whispers, “look closer”. Eagerly I begin to examine my surroundings wondering what He wants me to see. So much to take in and yet I feel as if I am missing the one thing He has called my attention to; yet I am unable to wrap my heart and mind around.

I know gratitude opens our heart to hear him so I begin to give him thanks. I thank him for my sight. The sounds of morning I hear on the gentle breeze, The dance and song of the trees. The harmony of the birds. The gentle rhythm of the noise in the background. Even more quietly he whispers “look closer”. I peer even more intently around me, not wanting to miss any aspect of what He wants me to see.

I begin again to give him thanks for the abundance I see. The furniture on my deck. The plants in pots resting in various places across the space, my girls trampoline and tree house built by the strong and faithful hands of their father – my husband. The new grill that stands ready for use replacing the old. As I lean in eager to hear him, feel him and see what he sees he whispers, “closer my child, look closer still”.

I am uncertain. Afraid I have missed something significant. I want to know what He knows, see what He is drawing me to so I begin again to inspect every inch of my surroundings. As I do He whispers; its not in plain sight this thing you long for. Your words of adoration and thanksgiving warm my heart and draw me close to you. Those songs of love that spill from your heart to mine; move my heart to care for you in a way all the things of the world cannot. If you look closer, listen more intently, allow your heart to be open, there you will find what you are longing for and what you come out here day to day to find. You will find Me. The answer to those unsettled things, the direction to begin to move, the strategy for your restlessness can all be found here in this place with me.

Copyright©2022 Melanie McKinley.  All Rights Reserved


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