Dreams · Love

Such Love As This…

His arms outstretched.

His hands open expectantly waiting for me to take them.

His gentleness wafting in the air like a sweet perfume; surrounds me, beckoning me closer.

I take his hands as he pulls me onto his lap.

I settle to his side and smile up at him feeling safe, protected and loved.

He lovingly touches my hair, my cheek as I rest my head on his chest.

He says to me, “My child do you love me?” With confidence I exclaim, “I do!”

I hear his steady heartbeat and I feel safe, protected, loved.

He says to me, “Child do you trust me?”

I try to still myself as my heart beats wildly in my chest.

Tears brimming in my eyes I whisper, “I do”.

He says, “Here there is no fear, come boldly to me.  I long to fill the desires of your heart yet unspoken.”

My heart stirs in renewed confidence and with courage I lift my eyes to meet his love filled gaze.

I begin to pour out my hearts unspoken yet deepest desires.

Boldly I come before his throne and I am met with gentleness, mercy and grace.

His love surrounds me like a soft warm blanket reassuring me as I draw close.

He nods as he listens intently, his face radiant.

He says, “My child tell me more”.

Copyright © 2016 Melanie McKinley. All Rights Reserved.



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