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A challenge to men

Men, today I am writing to you.  I wont’ fill this post with statistics that state how important your role in the home is or what kind of kids will be produced if their father is not involved in their lives.  Today I write a challenge to you.  I write this challenge from me to you; because I was one… Continue reading A challenge to men


Looking back to look ahead

A dear friend made me a cross stitch saying and had it framed and sent to me a number of years ago.  She did it at a time when I was struggling to move out of a deep well of grief and despair I had found myself in after a particularly hard season in life.  I… Continue reading Looking back to look ahead

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Such Love As This…

His arms outstretched. His hands open expectantly waiting for me to take them. His gentleness wafting in the air like a sweet perfume; surrounds me, beckoning me closer. I take his hands as he pulls me onto his lap. I settle to his side and smile up at him feeling safe, protected and loved. He… Continue reading Such Love As This…