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I sat looking at a photo on facebook from timeline memories. It was one of us as young women at our 5th year post school reunion. Full of hope, not too far out of high school. Some of us had already had children, been divorced and all three of us living independently from our families. Still friends in spite of what life had already handed us. This picture got me to thinking about our 35th year reunion, I had recieved a flyer in the mail announcing the upcoming event and all the planned activities and questioned whether or not I should go (or wanted to go). I sat looking at this picture of the three of us that I love and I remember the friendships of these two and why it was important to go and spend time together. Reconnect and catch up.

The Three Amigos

I love this picture for a multitude of reasons. One we were laughing and enjoying a moment. Two we were together. Which is how we three have done life since the ripe ole age of 14. Long before we could drive, had plans to marry or go to college we spent time together dreaming, laughing, playing in the hot summer sun. We rode bikes, walked and laid out together while we jammed to 80’s rock. Long before we knew love or tragedy or heart rending pain we were paired together for a purpose.

We have had each other’s backs (literally). We have been there through graduation, marriage, divorce, move after move, after move and family drama. We have held each other up as we grieved. We have supported, encouraged, motivated and even kicked each other in the pants when necessary. We have repaired cars together, fixed household items together and watched our kids grow into adults together. I have seen us grow beyond ourselves and at times each other; but one thing we have never done is quit on each other.

We have been through so many changes together. Some good, some not so much; but one of my favorite change is our change of heart and our mutual love of God. I have had the distinct pleasure of watching two beautiful humans go from being lost to found, from unwanted to chosen, from broken to beautiful all with a front row seat; and they too have witnessed mine. Our lives artfully woven together with the skillful hands of the one who created it all.

Friendship is meant to enrich your life, its meant to build you up and fortify you against the harsh elements of the world. God designed relationship / friendship. He is the author of it all. We are meant to gather together, sharpen each other and lift each other up. Thankfully our friendship has grown sweeter over the years and even though we don’t live close in proximity to each other when we do get together it is like we were never apart. Conversations pick up where we left off, stories are told and retold, laughter echoes in the house or restaurant or where ever we may be, advise is given along with prayer for and with each other. I am so thankful for these two and their heart for Jesus. I am even more thankful to my heavenly father who looked at the three of us an knew we would be good together and that as our lives lived out together would weave such a beautiful tapestry of His kingdom building purpose.

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One thought on “Friendship

  1. Oh my friend!! I cry tears as I read this. I will forever love and cherish you!! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!! ❤️❤️❤️


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