Missed by six

I watched as my oldest daughter took it upon herself to apply makeup and curl my youngest daughter’s hair.  Today was a big day in her life. She has spent the past year studying, memorizing and writing to this culmination of testing, interviewing and receiving.  Today my youngest completes a season of growth and change.  Today she tests to be an honor star. Being an honor star is an opportunity few girls will take advantage of because the path to completion is a rigorous one.  Weekly memorization, weekly workbook pages, reading of God’s word cover to cover in order to obtain this most specialized prize.  When her teacher first asked if anyone would like to be an honor star she turned it down.  A little encouragement and one momma demand later this girl hesitantly said yes and began her journey to self-discovery.

I say it is a season of growth, change and self-discovery in more ways than one for her because… This year her best friend was homeschooled and she had to reach out and make new friends.  This year she grew taller (she was already taller than most in her class) and began to appreciate and accept who God has made her to be.  She has found things she likes about herself and has blossomed in her style and taste of music, food, clothing and people.  This year she discovered with a little effort (because she is worth it) she can accomplish great things.  This year God has grown her exponentially in his word and how she views her middle school self.

Today she sat before three ladies in our church to test and interview as a part of the last leg of this amazing journey.  Today she believed she failed because she was not completely prepared for the test and missed it by six questions.  Today I got the supreme privilege as her mom of talking to her little girl heart about how she did not fail me or God and how very proud I am of her determination to finish something she was hesitant to begin in the first place.  I spoke in to her very being words that affirmed her worth, soothed her pride at missing the mark and feeling as if she let the world down; words that built her up and cemented in her soul how precious and loved she is; not only here but by our Heavenly Father.

Today I watched a young girl take on a big giant in her life and win. Today I watched her go from defeated to raising her head and believing in herself.  I saw her go from more determined than confident to; more confident AND determined to complete the goal she set about to do.  Today I listened as she affirmed she will finish and walk as an honor star.  I am so very proud of her and how God is changing and growing her heart.  I can’t wait to see the great and mighty things He does in and through this fierce, praying, worshiping, questioning, stubborn, strong willed young woman of God.  Bravo young mighty warrior!  Bravo!

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