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Radical Love

My husband and I began another small group class on marriage.  This is one of many classes, seminars and breakaways we have done since 2012 when we began our ministry to couples and families.  Our hope in doing this is to give them tools we did not have in order to have a Christ centered relationship and marriage.  We are burdened for families to succeed, not just to stay together but thrive in their walk with Christ.
So, this past week couples gathered for the 3rd week to learn and grow together in our relationships with each other and Christ.  We have been using the “Marriage Revolution” book from Gateway Church.  The topic was Radical Love.  Christ’s love is Radical and so should ours towards our spouse and others.  This topic sparked some lively discussion and reflective thoughts as we realized we are doing some things right and yet still have some room for improvement in this area of our relationships.  My husband and I left feeling wrung out but hopeful for the marriages who have chosen to invest with us over the next six weeks.
Generally after any event my husband and I will debrief with each other about how we felt it went, what was the most difficult part and how we can be better facilitators of the next one.  However, This particular class stirred up a host of feelings in us as well as the couples that met.  I was keyed up even after having debriefed and felt there was much to glean from the teaching.
The next day I carried my notes around with me and went over them multiple times asking God to reveal His truth to share.  Here is what I felt He revealed and what I was able to take away from this time together.  Here is how God revealed it to me to share with you in hopes it touches something deep in your heart and sparks a revolution of radical love.
Radical Love
His love is radical
His love is secure
His love pursues us
His love never tires
His love is steady, constant, deliberate
His love is not about performance
His love is unconditional
His love creates safety
His love never complains, never criticizes, never stonewalls
His love is not defensive
His love removes fear
His love encourages our love to grow beyond us
His love brings freedom
His love changes us
With His love we can love the unloveable
With His love we can change the atmosphere of our homes
Copyright © 2019 Melanie McKinley. All Rights Reserved.
Training materials from Gateway Church titled, “Marriage Revolution”.

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