A State of Undone

My house has been in a state of undone for well over a week now. A quick trip was made to a neighboring state to attend a graduation and steal time with my son and family. No sooner had we gotten back than we turned around and traveled to my daughters college town to pack her up and move her home before the summer explodes with activity. We looked up and the long weekend was gone as well as our chance to rest and play. Along with that any semblance of order my house had.

This morning I walked past a stack of freshly folded towels setting on the coffee table ready to be put away and a refrigerator parked near our front door. Discarded there as the new one had been installed in its place. The old plugged in as the new had not reached its peak temperature yet to transfer the food over; the hum of the fan motor competing with other family type sounds.

Some of you may think how are you so calm? Or maybe you think what’s so weird about that, that’s my norm. Girl I feel ya! My norm here lately has been a constant state of undone. Between my family obligations, ministry obligations, busy high schooler and a college kid moving back home there are some things ready to to be put away and some things ready to be the new thing.

A few years ago I would have come apart at the seams. Making a fuss over the stuff in the way, the tasks not finished or started. The lack of planning and preparation, perfection. Control use to be my middle name. But God. He began a work in me; bringing peace. Showing me how surrendering to His perfect plan allows for grace displayed in the midst of undone. The messy, the lack of, the not finished. His perfect love casts out fear, which is at the root of control; and ushers in peace. His love gives each of us the ability to display that Love in every situation.

Today I walked past the stack of neatly folded clean ready to be put away towels and the soon to be discarded refrigerator parked in my living room and smiled. I thanked him that I had tasks still undone and that I had a family that keeps me busy. I thanked him for the things waiting to be put away and the things getting ready to be made new.

Copyright©2022 Melanie McKinley.  All Rights Reserved


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