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His Love

His Love is Limitless – Like the stars in the sky

His Love is Powerful – As the waves of the sea

His Love is Mighty – Like a rushing wind

His Love is Relentless – It never gives up

His Love is Unstoppable – It never tires

His Love is Merciful – No one left behind

His Love is Free – No conditions for acceptance

His Love is a Light – It dispels darkness

His Love is Life Giving – He cares for even the sparrow

His Love Heals – Makes whole again

His Love Redeems – Set free from captivity

His Love Restores – All things made new

His Love Forgives – Hard hearts melt like wax

His Love Breaks Chains – They fall at his feet

His Love Sets Free – His Love the sacrifice for all

Copyright©2022 Melanie McKinley.  All Rights Reserved


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