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Best laid plans

What do you do when seemingly everything planned does not go according to said plan? Do you lay on the floor with a pint of double chocolate and lament your most unfortunate circumstance? Or are you the square your shoulders and meet the new challenge head on kind of person? Perhaps you are a combo of both, you wallow in self pity until you cannot stand your own whining and then you roll up your sleeves and get cracking.

Me? I back up and regroup, take inventory, formulate a new strategy and move forward again. Generally when something doesn’t work out its one of two things. 1. Opposition from the enemy or 2. Sovereignty in the hand of God for my good. My role is to determine which one and act accordingly.

My go to is an early morning on the back deck in the quiet of nature. Some birds. Some bugs, coffee and Jesus. I have found that if I submit my plans to him he will sift through them and give me back the best course of action for me. When I meet with opposition I worship. Music turned up with time alone to set before God and ask for his help. But sometimes it’s overwhelming and in those instances I have a few trusted friends I can call or text for Godly counsel and prayer.

Always. Always. I look for his hand at work. Through scripture, music, a friend, a sermon or podcast; he is always there. We just have to pay attention. I have found when I do and he speaks I know I can then back up, regroup, take inventory, formulate a new plan and move forward once again.

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