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ANTICIPATE. Anticipation. To Anticipate. Looking forward to. A joyful longing for. Hopeful expectation. Waiting with baited…baded…bated (pick one) breath. These are just a few phrases used to describe the one word that to me implies a future moment of something good, profound or exciting.

What one does not anticipate are delays, denials, being sidelined, talked about, and made to feel insignificant by others. Often times our hopeful expectation is of something good. So what can one do when situations or circumstances prove less than ideal? 1 Peter 5:7 to “cast your cares upon the Lord”. I know. I know. Such a cringe worthy Christian cliche. A pat answer to a problem.

Believe me I use to be the girl who recoiled when someone would give a response like that to my poured out angst. That though was before I knew him. Before I knew the power he has to change circumstances and situations. The power to change the hearts and minds of people.

Now I anticipate that when the night is long and my enemies feel as if they surround me I can run to him like Proverbs 18:10 knowing he is my fortress. My strong tower where I can be safe. He is my shield against attacks and my provision when I lack.

I truly can have no fear because he is with me. He is my strength. My God. He promises help and I look forward with joyful expectation that he will always hold me up with his righteous right hand just like he says in Isaiah 41:10.

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