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Forward Never Back

FORWARD. Arrows are released to fly forward toward the bullseye. Runners advance to the finish line forward. The battle of an army is won advancing forward toward the enemy. The waves of the sea change the shore by breaking forward onto the sand. We even spring forward from a long winter. Nothing is usually gained or won backward.

Lots wife lost out on her big move out of Sodom by looking back. Jesus said in Luke no one is fit for the kingdom by looking back. In the same book another lost out from following Jesus because he wanted to first go back and bury family. 2 Peter depicts a dire picture of those turning back after having known Christ, he said they are like dogs to their own vomit and like pigs to go wallow in the mud.

Forward is the way to go. We press on toward the prize. We advance on the enemy for victory. Forward moves us through trials and difficulties to breakthrough and into the new thing. Change happens when we continue forward. The only back there should be is a reflection of fond memories and laying down of burdens and heavy baggage.

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