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The Light in the Darkness

Ink black sky, sliver of a moon shining bright. Lone star twinkling in the night there in the darkness, tethered to the slip of illumination coming from the crescent shaped moon. Smallness in shape yet hopeful, breaking through the suffocating blackness. A lifeline. A position to take hold of; focus on, steady ones course by. The night seeming to swallow all other light leaving but one.

The dark so dark, so void of life or sound you wonder if you scream would anyone hear or would it be swallowed up by it; the darkness. You scream, only everywhere resounds with silence so deafening it becomes a scream. Then you see it. The moon luminescent. Small not casting a shadow but lighting everything around it, and you hope.

“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1:5

The light produces hope. Hope you are not alone in feeling like this. Hope you are seen, heard. Hope there is a fullness to the light even if you yet cannot see it. Realizing as you hope that your twinkling turns into a brilliant gleam and suddenly you notice another small yet perceptible twinkle just past the moon. The twinkle faint yet holding steady. You begin to shine brighter, longer, willing the other to do the same. Hoping they notice and can take hold of the sliver of Hope you offer. Hoping they notice the moon same as you. Believing they too are seen and heard. Not alone and that there is a fullness to the light that over time will reveal itself to them until they are strong, complete, whole. Brilliantly gleaming for another to see and take hold of.

As you give off the light of hope taken from the giver of the Light, you see the one. Then you see another and another. Faint, twinkling, holding on as if tethered to the light and you know. You know you were never alone (because He was always there – the giver of light) even if you couldn’t see entirely see Him. You know He is the answer to the consuming darkness. He hears you. He sees you and He knows. The darkness cannot overcome His light living in you. In us.

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