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A Song to Heaven

Have you ever wondered what from earth reaches Heaven?  What God hears in Heaven?  Does he hear every sound made by us or just our prayers?  What makes him smile, laugh or shake his head and chuckle?   I was thinking about this the other day as I walked about outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air of the afternoon.    What in this world could possibly bring him pleasure?  Seriously think about it.  As I did, I began to pray and ask God to show me what He experiences there.  As I walked and contemplated the idea of earth to Heaven; I tried to listen intently to what God might want to say in return.  This day he gave me a list of things:

  • Baby grunts, groans and stretch’s
  • laughter of friends
  • kids playing
  • baby giggles
  • our sigh when we feel the sun on our face
  • the sound of rain
  • the crack of the bat
  • the snap of the ball
  • the cheer of the crowd
  • wind chimes
  • rustling leaves
  • waves of the sea
  • trill of the birds
  • the howl of a coyote
  • the hush of fallen snow
  • someone writing a letter
  • sunrise / sunset
  • crackling of a campfire
  • the “I do” of a newly married man and woman

The list he gave wasn’t exhaustive just an idea of what he hears and enjoys from us to him.  I asked him if there were other things that brought him great pleasure and here is how he responded. 

  • whispered prayer
  • joy filled weeping
  • our worship
  • generations learning about God, testifying and praying together
  • a prayer of salvation
  • exalting the name of Jesus
  • witnessing to an unbeliever
  • the scared yes of obedience
  • praying in tongues
  • the rustling sound when the pages of His word (the bible) are turned
  • our desire to know more of Him
  • giving Him praise, glory & honor
  • our surrender
  • our repentance

Again, he didn’t give a complete or exhaustive list just an idea of his heart and what he treasures. I love that as our relationship deepens we can come to him and ask him anything. Our relationship with him is what we want it to be. Do you know that his heart can be found written in His word too. He doesn’t want us to worship an unknown God. In the text of Acts Paul was explaining to the people of Athens who God is. He told them about God filling the earth through one man and how he desires a closeness with us, he went on to say that God is not far from anyone of us and that “in him we live move and have our being” Acts 17:28.

We can communicate with God through prayer. Here is what he says about that in his word word, it says that “He bends low to hear our prayers.” Psalm 116:2 NLT   The author of psalms went on to say that as long as he has breath he will pray because he trusts that God is listening. God never tires of our prayers, our conversation, our doubts, our fears or our questions. He desires a deep personal relationship with each of us. Here is how the author describes it in Psalms 147:11, “The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.” Wow! The God of the universe delights in us. Can you imagine? He made everything. He knows the ins and the outs of it all. Nothing surprises him and yet he takes delight in us. Delight in our day to day. Knowing our heart and us knowing his. He delights in you and me, and loves us still.

Copyright©2022 Melanie McKinley.  All Rights Reserved


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